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Our History

The History of Currie’s Farm Market

by Barbara Currie

It was a small boy’s dream and a father’s determination to make that dream come true that we have Currie’s Market.

It all started on a summer day in 1957. We were all picking green and yellow beans from the garden and as the baskets were filled they were left at the ends of the rows to gather. When the job was finished a young lady drove in and wanted to buy a basket of beans. We had no idea what to charge for them so we gave it to her. The next day she came back and paid us what it would have cost her had she bought them in the store in town. That’s when our oldest son Alvin thought it would be great to sell them at the corner of Sixth Street and the Tenth Line.

This little business venture consisted of a bench, a lawn chair, a money box and a small boy 10 years old, all under an old elm tree. Alvin’s grandmother was delighted with the idea and she would make him cookies and lemonade and take him all her surplus fruits and vegetables to sell. The lady who bought the beans from us told all her friends and neighbours, and the little business became quite busy. We went from a bench to a 2-wheel trailer tipped on its end. From there my husband Edgar built a portable market. It soon became necessary to build a permanent building, and as the business grew the building also grew until it became the size it is today.

It has been a busy past, we’ve worked long hard hours, but we have enjoyed it all very much. The people we’ve worked with have been wonderful. Our customers have been faithful and loyal. This is truly a family business.

Barbara Currie,
Mrs. Currie’s Cookbook (available at Currie’s Farm Market)

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